High impact product launch essentials

Every product launch needs to attract an audience, whether your launch is at a trade show, on the street or at school fete you need to maximise your potential to attract interest and stand out from your surroundings.

So what do you need in your product launch essentials toolkit? An excellent question, let’s tackle it by first stating the obvious.

Branding your clothing is a no-brainer and it’s tax deductable, however the only people who will benefit from the full impact of your logo and sales message are the people immediately next to you.  Where possible you need to get your branding above head height and then make it eye-catching from at least 100 paces.

If you try and cram every bit of your sales message into every available space to make sure that the potential customer knows everything your product does, just in case, the message becomes confusing and the customer has to spend time reading before deciding whether to approach.  Keep the branding simple, strong and readable/understandable from 100 paces at a glance, e.g BreadMaker 3.0, 3 simple steps to perfect bread.

High Impact

by Gazebo UK

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